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Author: Isaque Argolo
Müller 67? Messi 73? Frederick Roberts scored 96 goals in a season
//Isaque Argolo

Probably one of the best goalscorers of all-time. Frederick Roberts was unstoppable in 1930-1931 European Season. Always fighting for the 1st spot at the "leading marksmen" Roberts started a great goalscoring duel against Joe Bambrick(Linfield), but after some matches had gone, Bambrick had an ankle injury and couldn't keep the goalscoring competition. Bambrick missed the rest of the season and Roberts started smashing records.

Glentoran couldn't keep alive in the Gold Cup. The defeat against the Linfield of Bambrick and the "4 Mc's" was a shocking result, but it didn't affect at all in the league.

When the "Irish Challenge Cup" started. Glentoran were on fire. They destroyed Ards by 7-4 with Roberts scoring a "Hat-Trick" and then the next victim was Coleraine with Roberts scoring 2 goals of his side. It seemed that everything was alright until they matched Linfield and a shocking 5-1 at Windsor Park eliminated Glentoran. Glentoran got eliminated 2 times in the season by Linfield.

At the end of the "Irish First Division" Glentoran were the champions of the competition with Fred Roberts being the top scorer of the league with 55 goals in only 26 matches. He broke the record of Joe Bambrick of 50 goals in the 1929-1930 "Irish First Division".

Statistics of Glentoran FC in Irish First Division:

Win = 2 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 point

Points: 47
Matches: 26  
Win: 22x
Draw: 3x
Loss: 1x 
Goals For: 96 
Goals Against: 39
Goal Difference: +57
Goals/Match: 3,69

[Note]: Roberts scored 57% of Glentoran goals

Glentoran winners of the "Irish First Division" 1930-1931, ARFTS-Gallery

After the end of the league. Glentoran had 3 more competitions, "County Antrim Shield", "City Cup" and "Irish Charity Cup". Following the amazing league season, Glentoran aimed for the City Cup, which was a league type competition. Roberts scored 26 goals in 13 matches, but Glentoran couldn't take away the title from Belfast Celtic and in late season Glentoran failed to do good in "Irish Charity Cup". Distillery eliminated them with the score being 3-2 with Roberts scoring both goals of his side.

In the other hand, Glentoran did great in the "County Antrim Shield" and they won the second title of the season with Roberts scoring 7 goals in 3 matches.

Statistics of Frederick Roberts in 1930-1931 European Season:

Click here to see the reports of "Frederick Roberts 1930-1931 Irish First Division"
Click here to see the reports of "Frederick Roberts 1930-1931 European Season"

Goals = 96
Matches = 47
Ratio = 2,04

Goals in a match: 6 goals in a match = 1x 5 goals in a match = 1x 4 goals in a match = 4x 3 goals in a match = 9x 2 goals in a match = 18x 1 goals in a match = 6x
By Competition: Irish First Division: 55 goals & 26 matches Gold Cup: 0 goal & 1 match Irish Challenge Cup: 6 goals & 3 matches City Cup: 26 goals & 13 matches County Antrim Shield: 7 goals & 3 matches Charity Cup: 2 goals & 1 match