Lionel Messi close to becoming the best goalscorer in a single league

Author: ARFTS | Creation Date: 10/09/2018 | Last Update: 10/09/2018

Lionel Messi is only a few goals of becoming the player with most goals in a single league. The argentine only needs 26 goals to break the record of the legendary goalscorer Jimmy McGrory.

With the 2 goals scored in a 8-2 win against Huesca. Messi reached the 387 goals mark and keeps getting closer to break one of the most impressive records of all-time.

The argentine equalised Ferenc Szusza's mark of 387 goals. Szusza used to play as a inside forward and sometimes as a centre-forward. The Hungarian scored almost 390 in Nemzeti Bajnokság I and was featured to the Hungarian National Team. Újpest's all-time leading goalscorer, Szusza also scored 18 goals and played 24 matches for Magyarország.

The Magyar is the best goalscorer in Nemzeti Bajnokság I, even not being the league top scorer for a single edition. There were some better goalscorers than Szusza in Hungary, even in the Újpest team which had the legendary Gyula Zsengellér. Szusza's best goalscoring season was 1945-1946 when he scored a total amount of 45 goals in only 33 matches. In that season he only lost the 'Leading Marksmen' to his teammate Zsengellér who scored 51 goals in 35 matches, and to Ferenc Deák who scored a total of 66 goals in 34 matches. Ferenc Szusza finished the hungarian league tied to Mike, they scored 45 goals each.

» Ferenc Deák 1945-1946 European Season

Messi is only a few goals behind the legendary goalscorer, from Scotland, Jimmy McGrory. McGrory was the best centre-forward that Celtic ever had. His ability of scoring goals was just unbelievable. Even with a height of 1.69cm, McGrory was known for scoring header goals, the way he used to find space inside the area and his impulsion when jumping made him one of the best goalscorers with the head of all-time.

McGrory scored a total amount of 410 goals & played 408 matches in 'Scottish First Division'. 1935-1936 was his best league season, he scored 50 goals in 32 matches and was the league top scorer. The amount that McGrory scored almost gave him back the title of 'Best GoalScorer in a Scottish League Season', but he couldn't reach MacFadyen's record.

» William MacFadyen 1931-1932 European Season

The legendary Celtic centre-forward sustain a record of 80 years but the argentine already has 387 goals and the 2018-2019 La Liga just started. If Messi scores an amount of 30+, which likely will happen, he will break McGrory's record and become, at the age of 31 years old, the 'Best GoalScorer in a single league'.

The Podium

1# Jimmy McGrory: 410 goals & 408 matches in Scottish First Division
2# Lionel Messi: 387 goals & 421 matches in La Liga
3# Ferenc Szusza: 387 goals & 451 matches in Nemzeti Bajnokság I