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Author: Isaque Argolo
Detailed list of players who scored 400+ goals for a single club. Legendary goalscorers like Josef Bican, Cristiano Ronaldo, Peyroteo and Lionel Messi are included and many more!

Author: Isaque Argolo
List of players who had a incredible goalscoring club season. Only players who scored 60+ goals in a single season are included.

Author: Isaque Argolo
List os trios with most goals acting together in a season. Not only attacking trios!

Author: Isaque Argolo
Pelé scored 58 goals in only 38 matches in Campeonato Paulista. He also scored 6 goals in FIFA World Cup, 8 goals in Torneio Rio-São Paulo and 3 goals in frindlies while he was playing for Brazil.

Author: Isaque Argolo
List of players who scored 40+ goals for a Club International Competition. Cristiano Ronaldo is on top of the list with 114 goals

Author: Isaque Argolo
1937 was probably Sárosi's best year. He scored 68 goals and won the Mitropa Cup with FTC

1# Cristiano Ronaldo

117 goals & 148 matches

1# György Sárosi

50 goals & 42 matches

1# Lionel Messi

369 goals & 406 matches

1# Jimmy Greaves

357 goals & 516 matches

1# Roberto Dinamite

190 goals & 330 matches

1# Silvio Piola

274 goals & 537 matches

1# Imre Schlosser

411 goals & 311 matches(IFFHS)

1# Josef Bican

241 goals & 118 matches